HomeSpace: Housing Our Community



Solving important social issues such as homelessness sometimes requires bold solutions. It means we need to look outside our own organizations and skill sets and partner with those who can do it best. We’re thrilled to announce that CHF made this kind of bold move when we announced this past June that we would be moving our housing portfolio (360 units) to HomeSpace Society. HomeSpace Society held its official opening celebration on November 25, 2016.

This move means that Calgary Homeless Foundation has now transferred the responsibility of building and managing housing (a $60 million portfolio) to HomeSpace, which has the experience and resources needed to take this on. It also means we’ll see much-needed housing capacity added in Calgary. CHF will continue to act as the system planner for the sector and work on research and investment. CHF also remains the RESOLVE partner with HomeSpace providing development, construction and building management expertise for the remaining 8 – 10 projects slated to be completed through the RESOLVE Campaign.

HomeSpace was formerly known as Calgary Community Land Trust and with the help of CHF they’ve secured capital funding to own and manage 600 units. They held their official opening celebration on November 25, 2016. We are very excited to celebrate their official launch and to be partners in this new chapter heralding increased opportunities to build specialized housing for vulnerable people in Calgary.