Thank you Foothills Camera Club!

We would like to say a special thank you to Foothills Camera Club! Their donation of 150 pieces of art has inspired the Art Cart program that gives beautiful art pieces to Calgarians who have formerly experienced homelessness. The Art Cart program has given many individuals the ability to transform a living space into a home. Ida from Aurora on the Park explains, “For a lot of our clients, this is the first time they’re able to call somewhere ‘home’. We are very appreciative of the space that’s been given to us and through generous donations, we are able to make this space feel very much like a home for our residents. Not only have they acquired shelter, they are proud of where they reside. I’ve heard clients speaking to loved ones on the phone, and exclaiming how beautiful their new home is, and it’s really heartwarming to hear!”

This program is special because it can be very hard to get essential items when you are first trying to set up a house, and these photographs provide that personal finishing touch that every home needs. One YW case worker at Providence House says, “Thanks so much for the gifts that allow people to personalize and add individual touches to their homes. It really helps to make it their own.”

The art pieces from the Foothills Camera Club have been distributed across the sector and are now being enjoyed by youth, individuals and families. In addition, three new buildings that opened in 2016 are all benefitting from the art work, providing a great warm welcome to the tenants who will call these buildings home.

“Thank you. I never thought I would have a home and now I have a home and a piece of art.” – Youth recipient.

Foothills Camera Club Blog Post photo

On December 20th, Ben Crews and Sharon deBoer-Fyie joined the camera club to say thank you and to accept a few special pieces, pictured above.