Thank you to our December Donors



The Calgary Homeless Foundation would like to thank two donors who have made a big impact this holiday season: greengate Garden Centres Ltd and Sponsor Energy.

For 14 years, greengate Garden Centres Ltd and the Telford family have helped Calgarians end homelessness through their “Help the Homeless this Holiday” Campaign, hosted every December. This year they have already donated over two truckloads of clothing, winter jackets and blankets that CHF is then able to deliver to frontline agencies in Calgary and the campaign still has to weeks left. This act of kindness led by the Telford Family is a great example of how Calgarians can help end homelessness in Calgary.

This year’s Giving Tuesday has kicked off an exciting new development towards ending homelessness in Calgary. Sponsor Energy, an energy retailer that sells electricity and natural gas to socially conscious consumers in Alberta, has the means to turn an ordinary, everyday purchase of electricity and gas into a tool to change the world and they’re doing so one non for profit, one business, one Calgarian at a time. The Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) is now Sponsor Energy’s newest Community Partner; this partnership allows a consumer with Sponsor Energy to choose CHF as its recipient charity of choice when they power their home. Over the next three months, CHF and Sponsor Energy are hoping to inspire 250 homes and five businesses in Calgary to make the switch, while selecting CHF as their charity of choice. For the length of the three month campaign, 100% of the profits from the energy consumption from those who have switched over, is donated to CHF. 50% of the profits post-campaign are donated each month after that for the entire duration of the consumers contract.

Thank you to both greengate Garden Centres and Sponsor for making the choice to be a part of ending homelessness in Calgary! We couldn’t do it without partners like you.