On August 25th, the Calgary Homeless Foundation received a gift from a little girl far beyond her years. She sent us letter, painstakingly crafted in the way of children, with a donation and a touching explanation as to why she chose us.

Having travelled here from Florida to visit our city and the Calgary Stampede with her parents, Hannah described Calgary as a “wonderful place” with the exception of one thing. She was brokenhearted to see all those experiencing homelessness all alone in the streets. “I was so ashamed that I couldn’t help them that I put my head down when I walked by and sometimes I held back tears,” she wrote to us in her letter.

From the sunshine state, Hannah wanted to help bring the warmth of Florida to those living on the streets and has generously donated $101 dollars to the Calgary Homeless Foundation, virtually emptying her piggy bank in hopes of making a difference.

Why $101 you ask?  “The odd sticks out,” Hannah explains in her letter, “the odd people of the world make the difference.”

How true.

Hannah describes herself as a Floridian that likes to bring the warmth of God to the world. Regardless of what drives this little girl’s generosity, we thank her.

We thank her for electing to make a difference and for moving past her feeling of helplessness to simply do what she could.

Thank you Hannah for seeing those individuals that so many see through.

We’ve all been there. At one point or another, we’ve all averted our eyes and walked past those living on the streets, telling ourselves that it’s not our fault. That there’s nothing we can do to help, nothing we could offer. Or we judge, thinking that we cannot help those who “won’t” help themselves.

But young Hannah has proved otherwise.

For one so young to acknowledge her own sense of shame in being unable to help those living on the streets is incredible. To then take action is remarkable. We could all learn a lesson from Hannah about moving past our own judgements to simply feel compassion. We could all learn that every small act of kindness makes a difference. There are no rules or quotas on how to lend a hand. Simply that we do.

If you are like Hannah and looking for ways that you too can make a difference, please contact Sharon deBoer, Director of Development at To view the last two pages of Hannah’s letter, click here: Page 3  Page 4