Small City Stockings (Recommend-athon) in Support of CHF


Small City Stockings was founded by three Calgarians, also known as Small City Stocking’s Head Elves: Chad Neufeld, Peter Bishop, and Kysha Modella-Tackaguchi. Through Small City Stockings, they work to curate the perfect stocking stuffers for busy people who believe their loved ones deserve the best holiday gifts. Each item is sourced from local businesses in Calgary and Western Canada.

Whether you are looking for family, friends and acquaintances alike, the three Head Elves have become the go-to people for gift recommendations in our city. This year, the Head Elves decided to extend their gift-recommendation offerings to a larger audience. Thus, The Holiday Gift Recommend-athon supporting Calgary Homeless Foundation was created.

You might now be asking yourself – what is a Recommend-athon and how did it support CHF?

The Recommend-athon

For 24-hours, Small City Stocking’s Head Elves live streamed on YouTube with local celebrities and business leaders to field a variety of holiday gift recommendation requests submitted via email, tweets, online form submissions and telephone calls. They provided numerous Calgarians with local gift recommendations from 12 PM on November 14, to 12 PM on November 15, helping each person to find the perfect gifts this holiday season for the hard-to-shop-for people in their lives.

Thank you to Small City Stockings and all of the individuals who made the Recommend-athon a reality, including: Mike Morrison (Mike’s Bloggity Blog), Kat Millions (X92.9), Lori Gibbs (95.9 CHFM), Nirmala Naidoo, Haley Daniels (Team Canada), Connor Curran (Local Laundry) Tony McGrath (The Grand), Erica Morgan (WILD PR), Angel Guerra (Market Collective), Michela Sheedy, Vishal Saini, and more!

In addition, proceeds from the sales of holiday stockings sold on the Small City Stockings’ website will be donated to CHF.

Thank you, Small City Stockings for your generous support of CHF, which will help us to continue our work to support the needs of Calgarians who are experiencing homelessness.

If you would like to support CHF with the purchase of a festive holiday gift, visit:

Recommend-athon Sponsors

For each of the recommendations provided during the 24 hour live stream, local sponsors contributed a donation to CHF. Thank you to the following sponsors for your generous support!