Point in Time Count of Homelessness

On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, CHF participated in Alberta’s second province-wide Point-in-Time Count of homelessness. The October 2014 Count found 6,663 people experiencing homelessness in Alberta, with Calgary and Edmonton representing 88% of the total Count (5,862 individuals). Calgary accounted for just over half of those counted (3,555 individuals). Preliminary findings for this year’s Count were released in November.

“Point-in-Time Counts provide us a snapshot of homelessness on a given night,” says Diana Krecsy, President and CEO of CHF. “This year’s Count provides critical data to help focus our resources to ensure people have the right resources at the right time to prevent and end homelessness in their lives.”

There were two parts to the Count. First, people who sleep outside were counted and offered assistance and, where possible, a survey was completed. Second, more than 70 facilities shared their data, including emergency shelters and temporary accommodations. As well, sites such as remand centres, hospital emergency rooms, and police processing units provided data on how many people experiencing homelessness were under their care that night.

This Count is part of a 7 Cities on Housing and Homelessness initiative. It provides valuable information and data allowing the cities to monitor trends and their progress on ending homelessness. An independent consultant, along with research teams from each city, will compile and analyze the data, with final reports to be released in the spring of 2017.