Giving Tuesday: A message from Patricia Jones, President & CEO, Calgary Homeless Foundation

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For three months, I’ve served as Calgary Homeless Foundation’s new President and CEO, and I am still taking in all that our community is doing to steer the fight against homelessness.

I have learned so much about the passion of the staff, their drive to create a coordinated response to people in need of a home, and the use of data and research to adapt our approach in real time—all in partnership with community agencies, government and the private sector. 

Together, we can ensure everyone has a place to call home—a place to heal, a place to have a better life.    

I don’t believe any of us gets through life unscathed. Many of us are lucky to have family and financial resources to lift us up when we stumble. I have been fortunate to come from small-town Alberta, where everyone knew my name, and where the community had my family’s back during tough times.    

Many of those we serve have not been so lucky. By joining CHF, I have joined a team of folks who want to make sure that having each other’s back is just part of the deal—and what a healthy community should be.    

As we all continue to do what is asked of us as a community to quell the COVID-19 pandemic, we also acknowledge that the upcoming holiday season will be different. With this uncertainty, I find myself focusing on things to be grateful for—in particular, the opportunity to help others through our work.  

And speaking of gratitude, on Tuesday, December 1, our community is celebrating Giving Tuesday, a global movement for giving and volunteering that takes place each year after Black Friday.     

No doubt you will see many emails and social media posts about supporting the work being done in our community. If you feel inspired by our work, we would be grateful if you would remember us—or any other agency that inspires you. Or simply take a few moments to engage in small acts of kindness. How we give back matters less than the change we hope to see.   

Thank you for caring about our community and for your partnership as a supporter of our work.  

Take care of each other and stay well,