Coldest Night of The Year 2017

It’s cold out there and we need each other!

If anyone knows harsh weather conditions, it’s Calgarians. We learn to expect the unexpected when it comes to weather in this city; hail, snow, sun, rain, we are prepared for it all. We laugh at other cities who complain about snow, because they’ve never experienced a Calgary winter! Put on your parka, plug in your car, get out your snow shovel, and deal with winter like the tough Calgarian you are –because you know, you’ll be back home warming up soon enough!

But what about those who don’t have home to look forward to?

Every day in Calgary there are individuals who spend their days wondering where they’ll be sleeping that night. They line-up outside shelters to get a warm meal and a place to sleep, and some spend the night without any shelter at all. There are families who couldn’t afford winter jackets this year, or don’t have enough money at the end of the month to pay for heat. There are many Calgarians who worry just about surviving for those long months of cold winter weather.

On Saturday, February 25, Calgarians will join with more than 110 other communities across Canada and walk to raise funds for those who are struggling. Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) 2017 is a walking fundraiser that raises money for those experiencing hunger, hurt, and homelessness. This event brings together the Calgary community to fight discrimination and advocate for people living at or below the poverty line, are battling addictions, mental health issues, homelessness and for improved social supports for those who struggle to find access to adequate food and employment.

The walk is a way to tell our city’s most vulnerable that they are not alone. We walk together.

This will be the fourth year for CNOY in Calgary, and will be hosted by KAIROS Calgary – Bankview Apartments, Feed the Hungry, and The Mustard Seed Calgary. Hundreds of Calgarians will be positively impacted by this one event, thanks to fundraising by teams participating and community sponsorship. So far in there are 54 teams and 232 walkers registered, with $40, 958.00 raised towards the goal of $100,000. This amazing event shows that even in tough economic times, we can still rally as a community to support Calgary’s most vulnerable.

Sponsors for CNOY 2017 include: Boardwalk Rental Communities, Printcor Inc., Knox United Church, CUPS Calgary, Harvard Property Management, and Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters.

The event will start and finish at Eau Clare Market, located at 200 Barclay Parade SW. With Registration opening at 4pm, opening ceremonies at 5pm, and the walk for all distances starting at 5:15pm. Calgary organizers and participants are aiming to raise $100,000, and are over a third of the way to their goal. They need support from you: start or join a team, donate or volunteer! To sign up today or learn more visit:

Nobody in our city should be left out in the cold. Join the Walk to help end poverty and homelessness in our City!

Coldest Night of the Year 2017

Saturday, February 25

Eau Claire Market (200 Barclay Parade SW)

Registration 4pm

Opening Ceremonies 5pm