CHF’s New President & CEO, Patricia Jones

Patricia Jones - President & CEO, Calgary Homeless FoundationCalgary Homeless Foundation’s (CHF) Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Patricia Jones as CHF’s new President and Chief Executive Officer, effective August 10, 2020. Following a Canada-wide recruitment process led by Leaders International Executive Search, Patricia was identified as the ideal visionary leader to propel CHF’s mission forward during this pivotal time.

Patricia comes to CHF from a dedicated 27 years with Catholic Family Service, where she focused on the delivery of programs and services to break cycles of generational vulnerability and build strong families. With a great appreciation for CHF’s mission-focused future, she was drawn to the role by our focus on collective action, evidence-based outcomes, and a strong personal belief that every Calgarian deserves a place to call home.

“CHF has an incredible future before it with a strong board and exceptional leadership team and staff, and with Patricia leading the way, we will deliver excellence and value to Calgary and our Homeless-Serving System of Care, and ultimately, we will continue to deliver the best care for Calgary’s most vulnerable,” says Gerald Chipeur, CHF Board Chair

Collaborative leadership, innovative, big picture thinking and a firm belief in system planning, and evidence-based practice guides Patricia’s work as she begins her journey with CHF. Under her leadership, we will continue to chart our path forward towards the end of homelessness and we are confident that her leadership will be transformative in scope and scale. It is with her strong, capable leadership and innovative community driven focus, that together, we will end homelessness in Calgary.