What You Can Do

Homelessness is an issue you can help solve, an issue that directly impacts you.

As a Calgarian, you’ll feel good about helping improve the lives of other Calgarians, while at the same time making your city a better place.

The people you are helping are not so different from you and me. For whatever reason – an unfortunate life event, health issues, addiction, poverty, mental illness, domestic abuse – they have fallen into homelessness.

There are many ways you can help them get back on their feet.

CHF is at the heart of our collective effort to end homelessness, providing vital leadership, coordination and services. We need your help to continue to effectively serve vulnerable Calgarians through our ongoing work to strengthen Calgary’s System of Care and enhance our capacity as a community to end homelessness. Please consider supporting CHF with a gift.

A donation will assist CHF and the system of care to continue to advance our mission and end homelessness. And your donation can be directed to the specific area you want to impact:

Greatest Needs – By making a gift to our greatest needs, you allow CHF to remain nimble and responsive to opportunities that will make significant impact towards our goal.

Research and Innovation – An area that unites the needs of the system of care with the knowledge and expertise of CHF to influence system change.

Capacity Building – The homeless sector, while relatively new, works with our community’s front line staff and volunteers to be more effective, which ensures we continue to deliver the best care to Calgary’s most vulnerable.

Community Engagement – By creating opportunities for the sector and our community to come together, build relationships and seek solutions towards the vision of ending homelessness, this goal will become a reality.

Donate Now!

Other ways you can get involved:

  • Employee Giving – through your employer or Benevity
  • Designate your gift via United Way
  • Host a Fundraising Dinner Party
  • Host a Community Initiative & Book a Speaker
  • Volunteer
  • Become an advocate
  • Give the Gift of Stocks or Securities – please complete this form and call 403.718.7748 for further instructions.

Donor Recognition

There is no better way to improve quality of life in a city than helping to end homelessness. You help individuals, families and communities across Calgary.

We could not tackle homelessness without the help of governments, companies and individuals who generously give financial and in-kind gifts.

Your support is vital to our success. To join the other organizations and individuals working with us to end homelessness, please email us or call 403.718.8544.