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Isolation, Physical Distancing and Next Steps Regarding Homelessness: A Scan of 12 Canadian Cities
Nick Falvo
Publication Date: 12/2020

A scan of 12 Canadian cities_2020_12_07

Across Canada, system-planning organizations in the homelessness sector have been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways. Given the rapid pace at which events are unfolding and the lack of publicly-available information about what is happening nationally in the homelessness sectors, Calgary Homeless Foundation commissioned this analysis of what has been happening in the following 12 cities: Toronto; Montreal; Vancouver; Calgary; Edmonton; Ottawa; Winnipeg; Quebec City; Hamilton; Regina; Saskatoon, and St. John’s.

Exiting Homelessness in Calgary: Understanding Pathways Towards Being Housed
Hindsight Research Group and Constellation Consulting Group
Publication Date: 02/2020

Exiting Homelessness Research Study Report

In Calgary, the Plan to End Homelessness was launched in 2008, outlining a comprehensive Housing First-focused strategy to build a robust, coordinated system-of-care capable of ensuring all Calgarians have timely access to supports to prevent and end homelessness. Since the launch of the Plan, progress has been made towards Housing First approaches and ending homelessness in Calgary, with numerous Calgarians supported in exiting or avoiding homelessness through the advancement of collaborative efforts and a coordinated system-of-care. Recognizing the importance of this progress, in 2019 the Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) commissioned Hindsight Research Group to conduct a research study to increase understanding of the resources, connections, services, and attitudes that can ultimately support success in exiting homelessness

Housing First and its Impediments: The role of public policy in both creating and ending homelessness
Colin Phillips
Publication Date: 11/2017


Over the last decade, governments across Canada have increasingly mandated that policies and programmes to address homelessness follow a Housing First approach. Such an approach suggests that someone who is experiencing homelessness should be housed immediately, and any individual-level factors that contributed to their homelessness, such as mental health issues and addictions, will be addressed afterwards. The uptake of Housing First has been fueled by research from Canada and the United States that shows positive outcomes for clients in areas such as housing retention and mental health. This report intends to add another dimension to that research by examining Housing First as a social policy in the Canadian context.