CHF in Action

Research and Data – Building the knowledge to focus resources

Knowledge is key to determining what resources are needed and how to distribute those resources to end homelessness.

CHF administers the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), an electronic data collection system to collect system-wide, standardized data for accurate, real-time reporting on the number of people who are experiencing homelessness, the length and causes of their homelessness and their demographic characteristics and needs.

This gives us a finger on the pulse of homelessness, providing us with the knowledge to identify service strengths and gaps, so we can focus resources where they are needed most.

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Community Mobilization – Ending homelessness together

Homelessness is a community problem, and it takes an entire community to end it. In Calgary, we have the will, the skill and the community spirit to end homelessness.

CHF acts to inspire and organize the community to roll up our sleeves and get at it until the job is done. CHF stages events that engage the community, raising money and building awareness for the vision of ending homelessness.

For when we stand together, and work together, and care together, homelessness doesn’t stand a chance.

CHF Key facts:

Total Funds Raised in 2016 Donations $812,067
Donations 614
Volunteer Hours 1,283
Volunteers 251
Property Clean-ups 24
Signature Event 1
Community initiatives & Events 13

Funder – Providing resources for the programs

CHF administers funding from the Provincial and Federal Governments, as well as money raised by CHF from the community, for housing, support programs, support services and one-time projects.

For example, in 2015 we administered over $71,000,000, funding more than 50 programs, delivered by over 30 agencies.

Government of Alberta $ 44,173,741
Grants $ 16,834,824
Federal Government $ 6,435,766
Rental Revenue $ 2,691,834
Donations $ 812,067
Investment Income $ 174,895
Special Events $ 57,243
$ 71,180,370

Click here for a list of our funded programs

Policy– On behalf of people experiencing homelessness and our community

CHF Advocates with all levels of government for access and resources to ensure Calgary’s system of care can match the right person with the right housing at the right time.

We speak on behalf of those experiencing homelessness and those who serve to end homelessness. We help the world understand the hopelessness and the depth of despair that people suffer when homeless. And we show the world the power a home has to turn lives around, and the success we are having in Calgary.

We open eyes, collaborating with the Client Action Committee, Indigenous Partners, agencies, faith groups and other not-for-profits and partners to advocate for continued government support, to raise awareness and activate community involvement in ending homelessness.

We improve the system, analyzing gaps in expertise and developing programs to fill those gaps, providing valuable training to help organizations build capacity and enhance client outcomes.

We enhance abilities, supporting scholarships for a certificate program and recognizing excellence with the Arthur R. Smith awards.