What is Calgary Homeless Foundation’s Role?

Calgary’s homeless-serving system-of-care is an inter-related network of agencies and people working together to ensure those at risk of or experiencing homelessness have timely access to the right housing and the right resources.

As the System Planner of Calgary’s homeless-serving system-of-care, CHF uses our resources, expertise and robust database (HMIS) to develop an integrated system-of-care that creates greater ease and access to services and supports.

Calgary’s Homeless-Serving System of Care

Our Blueprint for the Future of Ending Homelessness

Our Blueprint for the Future of Ending Homelessness

One of CHF’s key roles as a system planner is long term strategy development. In 2016 CHF undertook an extensive exploration to develop its blueprint for the next 5 years.

The outcome is our 2015-2020 Five Year Strategic Blueprint (Blueprint), a living document that creates a shared understanding and common language around CHF’s purpose, role in community, business priorities and organizational needs.

As Calgary’s original plan to end homelessness concludes in 2018, CHF’s 2015 – 2020 Five Year Strategic Blueprint guides the organization toward the completion of specific CHF deliverables and creates a transitional bridge to direct our ongoing efforts to end homelessness in Calgary.