Use your vote to advocate for those experiencing homelessness by checking out the positions of the mayoral and councillor candidates on affordable housing, income, harm reduction and mental health issues. We’ve compiled a few of them from below, taken from campaign websites or requests for comment.

Naheed Nenshi

I believe that the Housing First approach is the most effective way of tackling critical issues in our community like homelessness and domestic violence.

Under my leadership, housing will continue to be a priority. I will implement the City’s new affordable housing strategy, Foundations for Home, to ensure the City continues to:

  • help community partners build more housing, including support for programs like RESOLVE;
  • provide dedicated administrative support for affordable housing projects;
  • dedicate more City land to affordable housing, build new City units and repair existing City units;
  • advocate to other orders of government to invest in affordable housing; and
  • help fill the gaps identified in the report published by the City of Calgary in collaboration with the Community Housing Affordability Collective, Housing in Calgary: An Inventory of Housing Supply 2015/16.

And finally, I will continue to advocate for the legalization of secondary suites throughout the city.  The current situation where thousands of Calgarians are living in illegal suites without the legal protections available to other tenants is untenable.


Bill Smith:

We Calgarians take care of each other, and low income Calgarians need entry level housing. City Hall is Calgary’s largest landlord. But the private sector is more efficient at maintaining its affordable housing units.  If the private sector does it better, don’t we owe it to our fellow citizens to give them the best affordable housing options? City Hall should be working with the private sector to make sure there are a wide variety of housing options available.

Andre Chabot

I have been working with the province to relax the regulations around vacant, under utilized school sites to allow the city to partner up with the private sector to build mixed market housing. Including deep subsidy to integrate low income and middle income individuals within one complex. I have also worked with a number of affordable housing organizations to create a single point entry system to more efficiently connect people with housing.