Calgary Emergency Cold Weather Winter Response – UPDATE
February 3, 2022 

Calgary Homeless Foundation, in collaboration with the City of Calgary, Government of Alberta, United Way, shelter agencies, community organizations, and outreach teams are implementing several measures as part of the Coordinated Community Winter Response. CHF has engaged in conversations with community partners to inform immediate actions, such as those listed below. We are also committed to ongoing collaboration with community partners to develop long-term responses to better serve those experiencing homelessness. 

Below are the week’s additional updates on the goals of the Coordinated Community Winter response: 

Create more warm spaces 

This week’s update:  

  • All warming centres have officially opened after The Alex’s first day of operations on February 1, 2022. This week, 620 individuals were served across five centres. 
  • Shelter usage has remained steady, with continued warm spaces available for those who need them. 

Provide basic winter safety essentials 

This week’s update:  

  • The Outreach Basic Needs Distribution Centre fulfilled an order for one outreach team worth $5,896 this week, including food and water, winter clothing, tents, hygiene items, PPE, and harm reduction supplies. 
  • Three outreach teams voluntarily reported their work this week, with a combined total of 85.5 hours of outreach work in the community, 486 interactions supporting individuals, 92 direct service referrals, and three transports to shelter or services. 


Support community efforts to reduce barriers to accessing shelter  

This week’s update:  

  • Alpha House DOAP Main team completed 352 transports. Of those transports, referrals they completed were:   31 from Calgary Police Service, 17 from Emergency Medical Service, 43 from Bylaw/Transit, 7 from Calgary Fire Department and 21 calls from concerned citizens.