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2018 Alberta Point-in-Time Count of Homelessness identified 2,911 people experiencing
homelessness in Calgary
Calgary continues to see a downward trend

CALGARY, ALBERTA – July 19, 2018 – Calgary, as part of Alberta’s 7 Cities on Housing and Homelessness, conducted its 3rd province-wide Point-in-Time Count (PiT Count) of Homelessness on
Wednesday, April 11th. This Provincial Count is a part of Everyone Counts: The 2018 Point-in-Time
Count, Canada’s second national Homeless Partnering Strategy (HPS) Coordinated Point-in-Time Count.
Alberta’s 7 Cities on Housing and Homelessness released the Alberta Point in Time Homeless Count
technical report with accompanying at a glance Provincial Summary document at 9am MST July 19th,
2018. In concurrence with the release of the Provincial results, Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF)
is releasing a two-page summative report on Calgary’s findings to provide additional insight into
local PiT Count results.

In Calgary, the total Count was 2,911, an almost 19% decrease from its peak in 2008 when Calgary’s
Plan to End Homelessness (Calgary’s Plan) was launched. Calgary’s Count includes data collected by
over 100 volunteers on the streets conducting surveys of those they encountered. Calgary’s report
is a summary document only – the Final Technical Report, to be released in late summer 2018, will
include more comprehensive demographic data.

Calgary continues to see a downward trend in the number of individuals experiencing homelessness.

Prior to 2008, when Calgary’s Plan was launched, the city was experiencing a biennial increase in
homelessness of 35%. Since 2008, over 9,300 people have been housed, growth in homelessness has
stopped and is on a downward trend. This year’s count shows a decline in overall homelessness on a
per capita basis of 32% since 2008.

“The past 10 years have defined Calgary as a trailblazing community that has been willing to do
something that, up until that time, no-one thought possible: stop the growth of, and reduce,
homelessness,” says Diana Krecsy,
President and CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation. “This is remarkable progress and we remain
cautiously optimistic – we’ve never been in a better position than we are right now to take what
we’ve learned and continue moving forward.”

Despite a downward trend Calgary remains the epicentre of homelessness in the Province.
As in the 2016 Count, Calgary continues to be the epicentre of homelessness in the province but
progress has been made. Whereas our city’s 2016 Count in Calgary accounted for 60% of the total
Provincial Count, this year’s Count shows Calgary represents 51% of the total provincial Count of
5,735. “The good news is, homelessness is down in Calgary,” says Diana Krecsy, President and CEO,
the Calgary Homeless Foundation. “Calgary does a great job of serving people experiencing
homelessness and with providing a strong network of services and supports to move people quickly
into appropriate housing at the right time – what we are doing is working – but Calgary’s Homeless
Serving System of Care is not the primary system.” says Krecsy. “Homelessness remains a complex
issue that cuts across larger public systems of care such as health, corrections, income supports,
housing and child intervention”. The way these systems relate to one another impacts the
effectiveness of their cumulative impact on vulnerable populations and individuals experiencing
homelessness. “Connecting, coordinating and transforming these system to system relationships will
deliver innovative approaches that will effectively and efficiently meet the needs of persons at
imminent risk of or experiencing homelessness” says Krecsy.

A Snapshot of Calgary’s Count

A total of 2,911 people were enumerated on the night of the count. Preliminary results show:
• 72% male; 26% female
• Indigenous 20%; Non-indigenous 80%
• 45 years of age and over 41%
• 25-44 years of age 35%
• 24 years of age and under 18%

The 2018 Provincial Technical and Summary Reports and Local Point-in-Time Count Summary Reports
will be made available at 9 a.m. MST HERE

Diana Krecsy, President & CEO, Calgary Homeless Foundation is available for interviews upon

About Calgary Homeless Foundation
The Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) is a registered charity that exists to end homelessness in
our city. Through Systems Level Leadership and mobilization of collective impact CHF is a catalyst
of transformation for Systems and Service Agencies to optimize client success. CHF focuses on four
spheres of influence: Research and Data, Community Mobilization, Funder of Outcomes and Impact, and Public and Political Will. CHF addresses  gaps and identifies best practices to continually enhance the homeless serving system of care. CHF  is committed to moving
forward in partnership with the many homeless-serving agencies, the private sector, government
partners, the faith community, other foundations and all Calgarians to end homelessness in Calgary.

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