The Role of Community

Even with all our will and skill, we can’t do this without your support, and the support of the entire community. Here’s what it’s going to take to get it done.

Just as we have done since 2008, we must continue to embrace wholeheartedly the end of homelessness in Calgary, and get behind the plan 100%. When all orders of government, public sector services and agencies pool expertise and resources to pull together, and with the public sharing in our vision, nothing is impossible.

What can you do personally?

Donate. The generous support of Calgarians is one of the main reasons the plan is succeeding. See donation options.

Volunteer. Your time will push the plan forward, as well as providing a boost of energy to everyone in the program. You can volunteer with the CHF or many of the agencies in the homeless serving sector. Learn more of how to volunteer.

We can only end homelessness as a team—that is the one thing above all we need to succeed.

Together, we can grant every human being the basic right of a home.
Together, we can ensure all who want or need shelter shall have it.
Together, we can help Calgary take its rightful place as one of the world’s great cities.
Together, we can give all Calgarians something to be proud of. A home in a city that cares.