CHF: The System Planner

We all have key roles to play in ending homelessness. As the System Planner, CHF has a number of roles, including leader, coordinator, data manager, funder and researcher.

Coordinate the System of Care: Imagine all the individual organizations as players on a winning sports team, and CHF is the head coach. We see the big picture, carry the vision of winning the cup and work with everyone to improve the system of care, moving towards more coordinated responses that will keep us focused on the goal of ending homelessness.

Oversee the Homeless Management Information System: This system collects information to make informed decisions, improve services for clients and guide implementation of Calgary’s Plan.

Funder of Outcomes and Impact: We provide public funding to local agencies who deliver prevention and re-housing programs to Calgarians at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Conduct Research: With improved knowledge, we can advocate for changes in mainstream systems and public policy, improve the overall system of care and services and ensure progress toward Calgary’s Plan goals. In addition, we can share our knowledge with other cities to support their efforts towards ending homelessness.

Support Agencies: We provide training, scholarships, and tools to help agencies with their important work on the front lines.

Housing: A key strategy in Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness is to ensure adequate affordable and supportive housing. CHF Advocates with all levels of government for access and resources to ensure Calgary’s system of care can match the right person with the right housing at the right time.

Through Coordinated Access and Assessment, people experiencing homelessness are matched with the kind of housing that will suit their needs. They may live in private rental apartments, secondary suites, long-term care facilities or buildings owned by non-profit agencies. The support clients receive is based on their needs and the rent they pay is based on their capacity (typically 30% of their gross income).

There is not enough affordable housing in Calgary right now so we are working with all levels of government, businesses, donors and agencies to add more rental housing appropriate for vulnerable people.

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Actions we are taking include:

  • advocating with all levels of government for increased funding (program funding, capital grants, improved income supports); advocating for policy changes that will encourage more affordable housing;
  • providing input to recent surveys for a Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy and a National Affordable Housing Strategy and encouraging Calgarians to provide their input;
  • participating in the RESOLVE Campaign;
  • providing input to discussions around proposed changes to the Municipal Government Act;
  • securing more private rental apartments by connecting landlords with agencies;
  • Taking bold steps to accelerate and expedite the build-out of affordable housing to meet the specialized needs of vulnerable and at risk of homelessness Calgarians.
    • In the fall of 2016, CHF repositioned its entire housing portfolio (+$50million) to an independent, non-market housing entity: HomeSpace Society (formerly Calgary Community Land Trust — CCLT).  This bold and purposeful move adds much needed capacity to Calgary’s current housing system by expediting the build-out of new specialized and affordable housing to meet the needs of vulnerable and specialized populations in our City.
    • CHF continues its leadership role within Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness, serving as the System Planner for Calgary’s homeless-serving system of care (focus on: Research and Data, Community Mobilization, Funder of Outcomes/Impact and advancing Public/Political investment.
    • HomeSpace Society focuses on the development, ownership and management of specialized housing within the homeless-serving system of care and operates as an independent not-for-profit with its own Leadership Team and Board of Directors.
    • Through the RESOLVE Campaign, CHF continues to participate in the drive to house 3,000 vulnerable Calgarians and provides vital leadership and donor stewardship to the Campaign. HomeSpace provides focused and dedicated development and building expertise to get the job done.
    • HomeSpace is a not-for-profit, non-market housing provider focused on collaborative and innovative housing options for Calgary’s most vulnerable. HomeSpace exists to significantly advance community–based planning and delivery of housing and to support social agencies’ access to safe, appropriate and affordable housing for vulnerable populations in our city. For more information, visit