the impact of our board

The Calgary Homeless Foundation’s Board of Directors is built on a deep commitment to community. Our Board is comprised of passionate and committed individuals who bring a broad perspective and wealth of knowledge to help maximize our impact and resources to bring about CHF’s vision:

“Together, we will end homelessness in Calgary”.

Board of Directors (2016)


Cameron Bailey


Wayne Barkauskas


Jeff Boyd


Sharon Carry


Luana Comin-Sartor



George Coppus


Trevor Daroux


Stephanie Felesky


Diana Krecsy


Brian Pincott


Bernadette Majdell


Anne Maxwell


David McIlveen


Lucy Miller


David Ross


Les E. Stelmach


Darcy Verhun


Robin Wortman


Retired, McKinsey & Company (Chair)


Lawyer, Mediator and Arbitrator, Wise Scheible Barkauskas


Regional President, Alberta & Territories, RBC Royal Bank


President & CEO, Bow Valley College


G.M. Planning & Finance, Functions & Major Projects,

 Suncor Energy Services Inc.


Principal, Dynawise Inc.


Deputy Chief, Calgary Police Service (Vice-Chair)


Community Volunteer


President & CEO, Calgary Homeless Foundation


Councillor, Ward 11


Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Hestia Group (Vice-Chair)


Director, Imagine Energy Inc.


Director, Community Development, Boardwalk REIT


President & CEO, United Way of Calgary & Area


President, SAIT Polytechnic


Vice President, Bissett Investment Management


COO, FYidoctors


President, Barber Lucia Productions


Chelsea* grew up in a world where dropping out of school and substance abuse was the norm. Her lifestyle adapted to her environment leading to depression and she began using drugs as a coping mechanism. She dropped out of school, personal relationships were lost and her physical health deteriorated. Eventually, Chelsea left the reserve where she was born only to become homeless in Calgary. She began couch surfing in an effort to find food and a safe place to live. Eventually, through a friend, she heard of McMan’s Hope Homes for Aboriginal Youth Program, a program funded by the Calgary Homeless Foundation. Realizing she could not continue on the path of self-destruction, she made the decision to enter into a drug rehabilitation center. Once her treatment was completed she was able to find a place to call home and with the support of her case manager and the use of the Medicine Wheel, she set up her own personal goals. A key goal was to graduate from high school in a year, a goal she is close to achieving. She is on track. Chelsea has been very successful in the Hope Homes for Aboriginal Youth Program. She still struggles with anxiety from the abuse she encountered in her past, but using what she’s learned, and with support, she is able to maintain healthy relationships with herself and family members. Her dream is to graduate from the Program, enter into post-secondary education, and strike a stronger, more powerful path in life than the one she was born into.

*not her real name



“Sometimes all you can do is be there as a support for youth until they’re ready”
-Wood’s Homes


together we are stronger

These 11 outstanding Homebuilders, along with the Government
of Alberta, are making
it possible for an additional 240 units of permanent housing with supports to be built through the RESOLVE Campaign.


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We would like to thank:


Front-line and agency staff


Donors, volunteers and supporters


Community partners, agencies, organizations and stakeholders


CHF Client Action Committee


Indigenous Partners


Government of Canada


Government of Alberta


City of Calgary


Calgary Homeless Foundation staff and Board of Directors


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