Since Calgary launched Canada’s first Plan to End Homelessness in 2008, we’ve experienced the power of collective impact to create change and advance progress. As shared in this Report on Progress 2016, we, as a community, have halted year-over-year growth in homelessness in our city, decreased homelessness on a per capita basis by 17%; and housed over 7,000 homeless Calgarians, contributing to the over 13,000 people who exited homelessness through Housing First initiatives in Alberta.

Homelessness is a complex social issue that requires creative problem solving and innovative approaches to developing sustainable solutions. It requires an outward and inward looking lens to see the strength and opportunities inherent in unique cultures and traditions, such as within Indigenous society. Last year, in addition to funding programs and housing, we supported the Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary’s ‘Eagle Spirit Street Survivor’ celebrations. Integrating culture and tradition at street level gatherings in the forms of smudging, song and time-honored foods, these celebrations reflect the integral value all people have in ending homelessness.

Listening and learning from people who have experienced homelessness is fundamental to understanding the multifaceted dynamics of homelessness. Throughout the year, we collaborated with the Client Action Committee (CAC), a committee comprised of individuals with lived experience of homelessness, to effect change. Last year, together and in partnership with the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre and Elections Canada, we originated  the ”Mock Election” which directly transformed practice and led to Canada’s first election polling station located in a shelter.

Also last year, it was Calgary Homeless Foundation’s (CHF) privilege to co-host with community partners, two Chair/CEO Community Connectivity Breakfasts. Alongside over 60 leaders from the social serving sector, government and other public systems (i.e. Health, Justice etc.), we further advanced ways to communicate, collaborate, and inter-connect our services, data and programs to enhance our collective ability to produce impactful, sustainable outcomes and better meet the needs of our clients.

2016 has been a year through which we have collectively sought out solutions, navigated challenges, persevered, and successfully continued to evolve and deliver progress. We are continually inspired by the professionalism, dedication and passion of our Board, CHF staff and that of our Agency, Government, Faith based and Community partners. We humbly thank you for your ongoing work. Together, we will end homelessness in Calgary.


Cameron Bailey

Chairman of the Board

Diana Krecsy

President & CEO


The Bee Hive, both naturally occurring and artificially constructed, is a complex system and society in which all bees function with purpose and in tandem towards delivering a common goal. Ending Homelessness requires the same degree of intentionality.


Homelessness is a complex social issue that demands a coordinated and collective societal response. Ending homelessness is both an ongoing process and a destination. Through the delivery of an integrated system of care that is person/family centered; that unifies housing with the supports necessary to maintain it; and through collaboration and strategic strength, together, we will end homelessness in Calgary.


These are the 5 Strategic Directions which guided our work through 2016.

Below, we have listed our 2017 Strategic Directions. The Calgary Homeless Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling this mandate and maintaining our vision of ending homelessness in Calgary.

Develop CHF’s future 5-year strategic vision and plan for the organization.

Examine CHF’s future role in housing (develop & operate) and explore alternative business models, in context of optimizing value and supporting Calgary’s Plan.



Fulfill CHF specific deliverables within Calgary’s Plan.


Strengthen and enhance CHF’s value as a backbone organization for Calgary’s Plan, deepening our relationships within the sector, across all levels of government and within communities.

community timeline

chf blueprint



Throughout 2016 CHF undertook an extensive exploration of its 5 year focus, priorities, business goals and values. The outcome of this process is the organization’s 2015-2020 Five Year Strategic Blueprint (Blueprint), a living document that creates a shared understanding and common language around CHF’s purpose, role in community, business priorities and organizational needs.


“We are committed to working collaboratively

to find innovative solutions that leverage
our collective wisdom.”


In the development of the Blueprint, CHF engaged with community to clarify the role of CHF in the context of Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness (Calgary’s Plan), Calgary’s Homeless-Serving System of Care and the needs of the Calgary community over the next 5 years. The CHF Board of Directors was passionately involved in the strategic process, linking Blueprint recommendations to corresponding accountabilities. CHF’s Blueprint is intended to be responsive to current and emerging trends, strategies, policies and evidence and will be updated annually as part of the annual Business Planning Process.

The Blueprint provides enhanced clarity of CHF’s role in community through the use of a framework which describes our Vision, Mission, Core Values, Leadership in Community, Value to Community, our 4 Strategic Pillars of work and our 4 internal Strategic Enablers.



chf core values



Catalytic Leaders We strive to find solutions with an intentionally innovative and creative mindset



Courageous Collaborators We seek out and leverage the positive power of collective wisdom



Evidence Inspired We are critical thinkers and embrace evidence to influence progress



Vision Dedicated We act with an inevitable belief that homelessness will be ended



We are committed to working collaboratively to find innovative solutions that leverage our collective wisdom. We are committed to ensuring Calgary’s Homeless-Serving System of Care is robust enough to deliver the right resources to the right people at the right time to end homelessness in their lives.




transformation of housing



Since its inception in 1998, CHF has been a progressive leader in the development and management of permanent and affordable housing, serving some of Calgary’s most vulnerable and homeless people. In 2003 with foresight, CHF helped establish the Calgary Community Land Trust Society (CCLT) to grow capacity of the homeless-serving sector to access affordable housing and to significantly advance community-based planning and delivery of housing options, specifically, for homeless and vulnerable populations. CCLT’s mandate has been to provide affordable housing through partnerships with others to better serve homeless and low income Calgarians and those with complex needs.

Building upon its proven success in community and fully leveraging its housing assets, CHF will move its entire housing portfolio and expertise into CCLT. CCLT will be established as a fully independent entity by the end of calendar year 2016. In April 2016 a new CCLT Board of Directors was established.

This bold and proactive move will expedite the build-out of specialized and affordable housing to meet the housing needs of vulnerable populations including persons experiencing homelessness.

CCLT will explore innovative funding models such as social enterprise to further grow and fund purpose-built, permanent and affordable housing for specialized and vulnerable populations.

Individuals and families exiting homelessness often have complex physical, mental and other needs that impact their ability to attain and sustain housing. In perpetuity, CCLT will support homeless-serving agencies to increase access to the appropriate housing necessary to meet these unique needs. Where CCLT will focus on the housing aspect of ending homelessness, CHF will continue to provide the strategic and system oversight and funding supports; participating agencies will provide the front line program and client service supports, contributing to an integrated system of care.


Advocate at all levels of Municipal, Provincial, Federal and Indigenous government bodies to secure greater action and accountability to impact Calgary’s Plan.


looking forward

Below, we have listed our 2017 Strategic Directions. The Calgary Homeless Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling this mandate and maintaining our vision of ending homelessness in Calgary.


Fortify CHF’s role and credibility to serve as System Planner to garner action and investment on homelessness.

Enhance CHF’s internal operations and capacities to uphold the implementation of CHF’s strategy.



Reposition Calgary Community Land Trust Society (CCLT) as independent of CHF, to further advance and deliver immediate, long term and integrated housing solutions for specialized populations.

Cultivate and intensify collective ownership and impact of Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness and demonstrate CHF’s progress on CHF- specific deliverables.